Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Top 10 Opencart themes for creating Ecommerce website

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Nowadays, many people who are engaged in e-commerce activities try to own a feature rich, and user friendly open cart website. Hence, using open cart theme finds great importance for them to have their site developed by a professional website builder. Besides this, if you are an internet merchant, open cart theme is considered as a robust e- commerce solution. With this, you will have the ability to generate your own online business efficiently. Moreover, by using a powerful open source shopping cart system, you can operate your e-commerce activities most economically.

The following are a collection of the best OpenCart themes that is recommended to your e-commerce website.

1. BigOne – Responsive premium OpenCart theme

If you are looking for an advanced version of OpenCart theme to power your e-commerce website, then you should go for BigOne. This is considered as one of the top OpenCart themes suitable for your website. The theme is offered to you under a totally reworked layout, reflecting huge amount of customized features and visual effects. The visual appearance of this theme is excellent and it can be well built into your modern e-commerce site accompanied by keeping the best SEO practices in mind today.

2. Thunderbolt – Premium OpenCart theme

For any type of your e-commerce web site, you can use a robust premium OpenCart theme known as ThunderBolt. This innovatively designed theme is offered to you with customized layouts, modules, features, and a few visually appealing JS effects.

3. Wossy – Responsive OpenCart Theme 2in1

Wossy falls under the category of OpenCart themes. It is designed to match all the devices that can reveal a minimum resolution of 320px. Whether you have a mobile phone or tablet, desktop, laptop, the visitors to your site will enjoy a pleasant and easy navigation.

4. T-shirts – OpenCart Theme

If you are operating a website selling t-shirts or any other products, then you can go for OpenCart theme under T-shirt option. This is very simple and easy to install and use

5. BeautyShop – Premium OpenCart theme

BeautyShop is a universally acclaimed one hundred percent guaranteed OpenCart theme. This is considered as the best OpenCart theme meant for using on any shop website. It can provide you stylish designs, robust backend. The theme can be designed with the help of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 fetaures. The admin panel is incorporated with easy navigation and more than 300 options of configuration. This can help you to alter everything in the theme without learning CSS or HTML.

6. Nico – Fullscreen Responsive OpenCart Theme

The Nico OpenCart responsive theme consists of full screen home slider.

7. Shoploop – Responsive HTML5 OpenCart Theme

For any kind of e-commerce based store, you can use Shoploop, which is responsive modern and clean. This theme can be easily developed by using CSS3 and HTML5 languages. The design of the theme will be responsive thus, making it perfectly suitable for all the devices.

8. Sellya – Responsive OpenCart Theme

Sellya is considered as a fully developed responsive OpenCart theme that can be used to operate any type of e-commerce web store. The theme makes use of Bootstrap concept and is developed with the assistance of CSS3 and the latest version of HTML5 features. It can provide a great appearance on mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

9.Mr Carter – OpenCart Premium Theme

This is also an OpenCart eCommerce theme that reveals a clean and neat design. It can fit into any type of web retail shop perfectly. It gives you great appearance on all types of gadgets like mobiles, tablets and laptops. It helps you to generate wonderful color variations using your imagination.

10. Selling – Multi-Purpose Responsive OpenCart Theme

If you need a multi-purpose e-commerce open cart theme installed on your site, then Selling is a good option. While supporting OpenCart features, it can be utilized on any open cart web store.