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Alternatives To A Traditional Bridal Bouquet

When it comes to planning your wedding, you want every single detail to be perfect, and most importantly you want it to reflect your style and tastes. With the average wedding now costing over £22k, you may also want to save some money where you can, and by foregoing the traditional bouquet which can cost hundreds, you can take a big chunk out of your budget. Here are some unique, fun ideas that can be easily created at home, or work out cheaper to buy.

Silk or artificial flowers
Some brides cringe at the thought of artificial flowers, but over the years they have become so much more realistic and there's a wide range of different styles online. Advantages of using artificial flowers include:
  • Being able to keep your bouquet forever
  • Having a choice of out of season flowers
  • It's easy to create a traditional or contemporary look
  • You can buy them months in advance
  • It's easy to practice making a bouquet and re-assembling it as required
You can choose between ready made bouquets in hand tied or cascade styles, or simply choose some beautiful silk flowers and make them into the shape you require. Because they are tougher than normal flowers they're great for beginners to practice with too.

Button bouquets
If you want a fun and bright look then button bouquets are a unique alternative to flowers, and they are a great keepsake that you can keep on display at home. Although you can buy them ready made there are also plenty of tutorials for how to make your own button bouquet, and by using buttons from vintage and thrift stores you can create a unique look. You could even get your bridesmaids and family to help you find the right buttons for extra sentimentality.

Brooch bouquets
Along the same lines as a button bouquet, but with more bling; brooch bouquets are great for vintage themed weddings, and it's a lot of fun to rifle through thrift stores to find stylish antique pieces. Although you can buy brooch bouquets from many online sellers, it's also fairly easy to make your own, with just a few extra materials such as wire and ribbon needed.

A single bloom
If you are having an elegant, contemporary wedding, then a single bloom can be more effective than a whole bouquet. Choose an elegant white lilly, a long stemmed red rose, or a bright sunflower to add the finishing touch to your outfit.

If your style is quirky and non-traditional then miniature pinwheels can be made into a cute bouquet, and these are ideal for outdoor weddings where they can swirl in the breeze. It's easy to make your own pinwheels, with lots of templates available online, and you can then use quality paper in your wedding colours, spots, stripes, or bright patterns to create the right look.

Origami flowers
Another pretty paper idea is to create an origami bouquet, and these can add a splash of colour to your wedding outfit. There are lots of looks you could go for, from using metallic papers to vintage sheet music, so make sure you spend some time experimenting. Once you've perfected your origami flowers you can attach them to pipe cleaners or craft wire, and arrange them into the shape to suit you. This is also a good idea for a throwaway bouquet if you want to do a bouquet toss, but want to keep hold of your own.

Natural options
Those with rustic or countryside themes in their wedding may want a more natural look, and it's easy to find items for your bouquet as you take a walk through the woods. A bunch of lavender, a bouquet made of wheat, or even pine cones on sticks can look simple, rustic, yet beautiful. They're also ideal for eco weddings as everything is found naturally. Just be sure that you don't wander onto private property.

There are lots of ways that you can enjoy a unique look for your wedding, as well as saving money, and as the centrepiece of your outfit the bouquet can be created to suit your theme. With just a few materials and a broad imagination you can create a bouquet that's eye-catching and bound to be admired by your guests.

About the Author : Sonia Allen is a freelance writer for Dreamwedding, a network of wedding vendors in Europe that help brides and grooms find the right florists, jewelers, cake makers, photographers, and dress designers.

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Three Good Reasons To Plan Your Wedding In Koh Samui

Is your wedding date approaching, yet you have no idea where to tie the knot or to spend your honeymoon in order to make it as memorable as possible? The wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important and awaited events in the life of every couple - it is the day when you link your destinies, lives and plans forever. If you have decided to do that in an exotic location, one away from the hustle and the noise of big cities, then Koh Samui may be exactly what you need. That being said, here are 3 strong reasons why you should consider planning your wedding in Koh Samui:

1. The Wedding Will Be Stress-Free and Hassle-Free

In spite of the fact that getting married may as well be one of the most beautiful and rewarding things that has ever happened to you, in some cases it can be very stressful and do you more harm than good. Why not allow a professional to thoroughly plan your wedding, your sweet escape and your honeymoon to the beautiful island of Koh Samui, while you can just enjoy the island culture and the local cuisine? All you need to worry about is writing your vows and finding the perfect wedding ring! 

2. Koh Samui Is Perfect For a Brand New Start

As you may already know, Thailand (and Koh Samui in particular) is the perfect getaway for those who want to relax and let off the steam. Thousands of tourists visit the island on a yearly basis, so why not combine the useful side with the practical one and actually relax while you are here? The island is one of the most serene and tranquil locations in the entire country, and you can choose between a traditional European/Western wedding, or you can opt for a local, Buddhist style wedding that will redefine your connection with your true self and with your partner, one that will give you a deeper insight into spirituality and the wonders of life. In other words, you can look at your wedding in Koh Samui as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to relax and start all over again, in an "extended holiday"! 

3. You Will Become Familiar with the Exotic Island Culture 

Traditional wedding in Rocky’s Resort on Samui Island

Traditional wedding in Rocky’s Resort on Samui Island

Another strong reason why you should consider getting married on the exquisite island of Koh Samui is that just like any other one of the hundreds of islands that surround Thailand, this one has its own customs, traditions, culture and cuisine. Celebrating your union with your better half on this island will certainly give you the opportunity to learn more about the local culture, enjoy the sun and the sea, visit the local Buddhist temples, talk to the monks here who are always willing to share their wisdom, enjoy the warm hint of morning breeze and just turn everything into an experience that is worth remembering your entire life. 

These are only some of the main reasons why you should take the island of Koh Samui into account, if you plan on organizing the perfect getaway/wedding/honeymoon in an exotic paradise, a beautiful and unspoiled piece of nature!
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