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Quirks and Characteristics of the American Eskimo Dog Breed

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Dogs can make wonderful companions and can bring a lot of love into your home.  Every breed of dog, however, is different and the American Eskimo is no different.  They can make wonderful pets but it’s important to consider their quirks and personalities before taking one home.

Social creatures

Some dogs couldn’t care less but the American Eskimo absolutely loves people.  They crave social interaction and want to feel like a true member of your family.  This is also an important factor in American Eskimo dog training because they need regular attention.  If left to their own devices, they will often become bored, rambunctious, and difficult to train.

This makes them a wonderful breed if you want a pet who is also your best friend.  If you plan on adding one to your home, make sure you can dedicate plenty of attention to it.

Active and Playful

American Eskimos are also one of the most active and playful dog breeds around.  They love going out to the park, tagging along on jogs or hikes, and generally playing around with their favorite toys.  Sometimes they can get a bit too into it and some can be rather vigorous in the way they play.

Training an American Eskimo dog is a great idea because they’re extremely intelligent and love to learn new tricks.  They take to training very well and will look forward to the close personal interaction.  Unlike some other breeds, these dogs view training as another sort of play and will almost always enjoy it.


The key to American Eskimo dog training is establishing yourself as a firm yet loving pack leader.  This is very important as their intelligence can often make them willful and somewhat rebellious if neglected.  You can’t simply teach them a command and expect them to follow it without constant reinforcement.

Training an American Eskimo is an ongoing process.  They have a high capacity for commands and can learn a great variety of different tricks.  This, however, also means they need to be taught new things or they can get bored and possibly hard to handle.

Great watchdogs

These dogs are very loyal and will protect their family without getting violent around strangers.  It may take some time before they’re comfortable around new people but they will eventually warm up to your friends and family.

They’re also good around children and other dogs but with one caveat.  Since they’re so social and love interacting with people, they can also get a bit jealous when another dog is getting the most attention.  Remember that these are companion dogs so they want to be your companion.

A great addition

The American Eskimo dog breed can make a great addition to nearly any household.  It’s important to remember that they are an active, lively, and highly social animal so they will need plenty of activity and attention.  American Eskimo dog training is not terribly difficult, as these are brilliant little creatures, but you will need to reinforce what they learn throughout their lives.  Overall, they are a loving, intelligent, and beautiful breed.

Author’s Bio: Mark Mendoza runs Obedient-Dog.net.He is an internationally renowned dog trainer and teacher with 7 years of experience in dog training.

His philosophy is harness your dog’s energy to unleash their greatest potential and your own.


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