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Ideas For Corporate Event Planners

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Corporate events are fun occasions to let the employees get to know each other better and allow them to feel that they are a part of the team. Thus, a great corporate event will not only provide entertainment for all participants, it might also bring long-lasting results in the form of a team that works harder to achieve the common goals. Check how to organize corporate event that will be remembered for long.

Inside or outside?

Typically, corporate events are held in meeting rooms in hotels, but depending on the season you can also consider other options and vote for an outside events. Barbecue is perfect if you are looking for something less formal and it allows to invite not only the employees, but also their families. Outside sport events and other games raise the team spirit much better than any motivational speech. Short trips and weekend conventions outside of town are also preferred by some employees, who see them as a fun way of spending time.

Entertainment above all

Why are you organizing the corporate event? Is it a way to award your employees for their hard work or motivate them to do better next year? Is solidifying the new team of professionals your main goal or do you simply want to celebrate special occasion with your co-workers? In each case your goals can be achieved better if you choose entertainment over long and dull speeches. Keep all formal announcements down to the absolute minimum. Instead choose more informal and fun ways of getting your message across. When choosing the entertainers, games and acts to fill the event with follow a certain theme or simply ask your co-workers what they would like to do and support the most popular ideas. If you follow a certain theme you can also ask the attendees to wear costumes to the party and create suitable decorations to make it more fun. If you are planning an outdoor event physical activities and competitions are great options. It is also a good idea to prepare a surprise entertainment – a live band or stand-up comedian performance will be the star of the evening and something your co-workers will appreciate even more since they did not see it coming.

Be creative with the promotion

If the number of participants in your corporate event is very moderate then informing them about the upcoming party is fairly easy thing to do, but the more the attendees, the more it pays off to engage social media in the process and create a fun way to promote your event online. Make a funny film to advertise the event and send it to all participants. Create a Facebook event and use Twitter to remind the attendees about the upcoming party. If the event is a part of a larger venture, for example a launch of a new product, invite also business partners and customers to the event. Buy advertising on social media and engage bloggers to promote the event and give out free passes.

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