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Re-grow Your Hair Naturally With Laser Hair Treatment

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Generally, every hair on your head tends to grow for several years and then fall out. The root of the hair then rests for some weeks after which it commences to re-grow a new hair. This is the natural hair re-growth cycle that continues through your life. However, due to age or some health conditions, hair re-growth slows down. This causes thinning of hair and baldness. Now-a-days, there are countless methods and treatments to enhance re-growth of hair. You can opt for surgical treatments, choose to take medications or select some herbal remedy. However, there is another treatment option now available. One of the most advanced treatments is Laser Hair Treatment.

Laser hair treatment is a non-surgical method for re-growing hair. It makes use of a very scientific and proven approach. This treatment method is now being widely used as it is free of side effects. Research has proven that the treatment is medically safe, quick, pain free and effective. The Laser Hair Treatment makes use of a device that contains soft and therapeutic low light level lasers.

The principle underlying the process of laser hair treatment is same as that of photo biotherapy. When the low light level lasers are directed at the scalp, cells absorb this light and repair themselves. The laser does not work superficially. It penetrates deep into the scalp tissue without breaking the skin. With the use of appropriate wavelength of light, this method also stimulates the supply of blood to the scalp which in turn improves cell activity. Cell metabolism and synthesis of proteins also improve considerably. Consequently, more nutrients begin to reach the hair follicles and hence, hair growth starts and enhances. The purpose of laser hair treatment is to repair and restore the hair shafts, clear surrounding debris on scalp, close the cuticle and swell the cortex.

Apart from re-growth of hair, the laser hair treatment offers a wide variety of additional benefits as well. Some of the advantages of the laser hair treatment are:
  • It increases the supply of blood to the scalp by about 53% after a single treatment.
  • It regenerates and strengthens the hair roots which in turn slows down or reverses the natural hair degeneration cycle.
  • It prevents hair loss by stimulating hair follicle and increasing the cellular and sub cellular activity which break down the DHT collection.
  • It repairs and enhances the quality of hair shaft.
  • It repairs the damage inflicted by perms, coloring and other chemicals.
  • It increases the strength and elasticity of hair.
  • It relives the irritating scalp conditions.
  • It bonds and locks in conditioners to offer improved results.
  • The hair because softer, fuller, shinier and more easy to manage.
  • The low light level laser treatment has skin repairing properties as well.
If you are experiencing thinning hair or baldness, it is recommended to consult your physician before opting for laser hair treatment. The sooner you will begin the treatment, the better results you will get to see.
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Bernhard S.Rudert is the author of this article and owner of New Hair New Me. He design a professional electronic device to be used in salons for hair loss reversal. Also, he offers different types of hair loss treatments like laser hair treatment, laser hair loss treatments, hair loss laser, etc.


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