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Top Tips For Keeping A Wedding On Budget

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Weddings are very expensive things and money can just run away when planning something that seemed at first to be quite simple. The answer when making a budget plan is to accept from the outset that you will end up exceeding any budget, so always set a ceiling at least 25% lower than your actual top level – this way when the inevitable happens, you will still be able to afford it. Starting married life with huge debts is no way to begin.

Don’t listen to anyone else – they will ruin your budgeting

When you tell your friends and relations you are getting married, they will all have a lot to tell you about fabulous weddings they attended with horse-drawn carriages, fifty bridesmaids, pink-dyed pugs carrying the rings on velvet cushions – you name it, someone has wasted money on it. It is easy to feel rather second class if you decide to do without a whole lot of frills and furbelows so if you are not good at resisting peer pressure, don’t tell anyone until everything is done and dusted, signed on the dotted line and possibly even paid for. The next thing is to take no notice when they then rubbish your venue, choice of caterer or florist and all the rest – they’re jealous, that’s the long and the short of it, so stick to your guns and therefore your budget.

Look around at what others are doing

If you see a marquee going up, watch what is going on and if it is a wedding, try and find out more about the hire of the space. It is usually far cheaper to hire a marquee in a lovely spot than shell out for a country house hotel, which often insists on also doing the catering and often even the flowers and cars. Wedding marquees are stunning inside with all kinds of extras to be had such as swags on the poles and floaty ceilings – forget about Girl Guide Camp and plump for a marquee. Not only will you have a magical time, but you won’t bust the budget. A hire of a hotel or country house can look quite reasonable at first but they often come with many hidden extras – some even charge for extra staff and use of certain fairly basic facilities so it is important to read the small print. When hiring a marquee you can add extras as you wish and when you reach your budget – stop. You will still have a fabulous venue and your guests will love the extras you will then be able to afford, such as a great disco and totally memorable food and drink.


This is a really great way of getting a good quality wedding out of little money. Bridesmaid’s dresses alone can be very expensive, so try trawling the second hand shops for some vintage clothes which can be given a makeover – they will look very classy and no one else will have quite the same, which is all too common as a quick look through any local paper will attest!

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Article written by Rebecca Fearn, a copywriter who often writes for James Dabbs Marquee Hire.


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