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The Rights And Obligations Of Divorced Parents In Ukraine

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The divorce proceedings of couples, who have minor children, are considered most difficult as well as time and money consuming. That is especially true, when one of the parents apply for alimonies or depravation of parental rights. Learn how to protect your parental rights in Ukraine, and what are the obligations of supporting parents, before you take your case to the court.

Understand legal proccedings in Ukraine

Spouses, who apply for a depravation of parental rights hope to obtain a full custody of the child, while the other party is denied any direct influence on the present condition and future of the child. To follow this path the parent has to apply for a positive opinion of a guardianship authority. He or she has to also provide good arguments for the claim, proving that full custody lies in the child’s best interest, while the other divorced parent is not able to provide for the child and satisfy his or her basic needs. These types of trials are usually conducted with the assistance of a highly qualified attorney, who is able to establish a winning strategy. Parents with little knowledge about the law and little understanding of the legal proceedings in Ukrainian courts have very little chances of obtaining full custody of the child or protecting their rights to the children. The help of a professional lawyer is in such cases absolutely mandatory.

Applying to alimony

Applying for alimony is the most popular option, most often chosen by mothers, who require support for a minor child. Contrary to common beliefs, to win a trial for alimony you do not have to spend long months attending hearings over and over again. With a help of a professional lawyer the case can be settled quickly and in your favor. What are the most common benefits obtained by mothers, who apply for alimony? Most often courts grant alimonies, which cover all basic needs of the children, however it is not uncommon to apply for and receive additional support, which covers all education activities (sport clubs, extra classes etc.) and provides maintenance for children under 23 years old, as long as they are continuing their education. Applying for alimony from your former spouse is the best way to ensure that your child receives the best education and all of his or her needs are met.

Find a divorce lawyer...

Remember that to protect your parental rights in Ukraine and to make sure that your interests are best represented in court, you will need a professional assistance of a competent lawyer, who will come up with the best legal position in your situation and defend your rights before the court. Professional legal assistance does not have to be expensive, but in order to be successful you need to find a lawyer specializing in divorces and parental rights. Always check the qualifications of your lawyer and previously attended cases. Follow recommendations of other parents and divorcees to find a competent help. Go online and ask about a good divorce attorney in your area, you can find many feedback in internet.

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