Monday, 2 September 2013

Why Choosing a Career in Facilities Management Jobs are a Good Bet?

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If you have just graduated from an MBA school, and are looking for some of the best career options that will give you fame as well as money, the job of a facility manager is one of the best. Facility managers are nowadays greatly in demand because numerous companies are coming up which have an internal facility management team who looks after the various facilities provided by the company which include cleaning of the complex internally as well as externally, security and parking facilities. The job of the facility management team is also to look after the air conditioning and heating services along with organising events and road shows, interacting with numerous people and creating a good image of the company. If you like to interact with people proactively and look after the welfare of the company you work for, this is indeed an ideal job for you.

What do you require to be a facility manager?

In order to work in a facility management team, you need to be proactive and interact with various kinds of people, you also need to be organised, competent and possess good communication skills. Customer and client management skills are also a mandate for this profession.

A job in facility management provides you an ability to develop your career in a miscellaneous, exhilarating and fast increasing area of the financial system. It is one of the most demanding and growing professions in UK which people are looking forward to and you would need to handle a lot of responsibilities in the shoes of a facility manager.

What are the responsibilities at hand?

As a facility manager you would need to look after proper space management and the infrastructure of the building, administration as well as maintenance, contract management, and the other facilities. You need to ensure that the clients are getting the maximum facilities that they deserve, which would help them to function well on a day to day basis.

As a good facility manager you can improve the image of your company by introducing new innovative working styles, providing continuity in the business and protecting the work area from threats. You also need to help the company during relocation, a new merger or acquisition or changes in the process.
Salary structure

As facility manager you would need to look after the whole infrastructure of the company as well as the benefits of the company. Numerous companies have their own facility management team which look after the company. As the job includes a number of responsibilities and you are answerable for any kind of flaws, you will also be rewarded as you deserve. The salary of a facility manager on an average is around £44,900 as recorded in the year 2009.

Working hours

You would not be answerable to anyone for your working hours. Your work hours would be extremely flexible keeping in mind that you also need to work on weekends sometimes to meet client expectations. If required a facility manager needs to provide24*7 service in times of exigencies. Your profile would also require travelling to other countries as well.
Numerous people are opting for the careers of a facility manager because in spite of high end commitments, they are paid very well in the industry. Thus, choosing this profile can indeed be one of the best options in today’s scenario.


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