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Quirks and Characteristics of the American Eskimo Dog Breed

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Dogs can make wonderful companions and can bring a lot of love into your home.  Every breed of dog, however, is different and the American Eskimo is no different.  They can make wonderful pets but it’s important to consider their quirks and personalities before taking one home.

Social creatures

Some dogs couldn’t care less but the American Eskimo absolutely loves people.  They crave social interaction and want to feel like a true member of your family.  This is also an important factor in American Eskimo dog training because they need regular attention.  If left to their own devices, they will often become bored, rambunctious, and difficult to train.

This makes them a wonderful breed if you want a pet who is also your best friend.  If you plan on adding one to your home, make sure you can dedicate plenty of attention to it.

Active and Playful

American Eskimos are also one of the most active and playful dog breeds around.  They love going out to the park, tagging along on jogs or hikes, and generally playing around with their favorite toys.  Sometimes they can get a bit too into it and some can be rather vigorous in the way they play.

Training an American Eskimo dog is a great idea because they’re extremely intelligent and love to learn new tricks.  They take to training very well and will look forward to the close personal interaction.  Unlike some other breeds, these dogs view training as another sort of play and will almost always enjoy it.


The key to American Eskimo dog training is establishing yourself as a firm yet loving pack leader.  This is very important as their intelligence can often make them willful and somewhat rebellious if neglected.  You can’t simply teach them a command and expect them to follow it without constant reinforcement.

Training an American Eskimo is an ongoing process.  They have a high capacity for commands and can learn a great variety of different tricks.  This, however, also means they need to be taught new things or they can get bored and possibly hard to handle.

Great watchdogs

These dogs are very loyal and will protect their family without getting violent around strangers.  It may take some time before they’re comfortable around new people but they will eventually warm up to your friends and family.

They’re also good around children and other dogs but with one caveat.  Since they’re so social and love interacting with people, they can also get a bit jealous when another dog is getting the most attention.  Remember that these are companion dogs so they want to be your companion.

A great addition

The American Eskimo dog breed can make a great addition to nearly any household.  It’s important to remember that they are an active, lively, and highly social animal so they will need plenty of activity and attention.  American Eskimo dog training is not terribly difficult, as these are brilliant little creatures, but you will need to reinforce what they learn throughout their lives.  Overall, they are a loving, intelligent, and beautiful breed.

Author’s Bio: Mark Mendoza runs Obedient-Dog.net.He is an internationally renowned dog trainer and teacher with 7 years of experience in dog training.

His philosophy is harness your dog’s energy to unleash their greatest potential and your own.

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Most Visited Travel Destinations Of 2014

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Brazil is home to some incredible natural wonders, including the Amazon rainforest, the stunning beaches in Ipanema. There are also very exciting cities, such as Rio de Janeiro and San Paulo. Of course, Brazil is hosting the 2014 World Cup so there is even more reason to go. The World Cup will take place in the city of Porto Alegre from June 12th to July 13th. Brazil also has one of the world's best carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife, Salvador de Bahia, Olinda, and other fun loving cities. In Rio de Janeiro, it is well worth visiting the spectacular Sugarloaf Mountain on the Aerial Tram, which one of the world's most beautiful cable car rides. Brazil has a fantastic culture and amazing music seems to playing around every corner.


Despite the recent political turmoil in Thailand, the country remains one of the most friendly, peaceful and beautiful countries in South East Asia. The country has stunning beaches, exciting cities, beautiful Buddhist temples, national parks and gorgeous mountains. Bangkok has been voted the best city for tourists for four years in a row and the city's reputation for being sleazy is undeserved. There are fantastic temples to visit, markets and exciting nightlife. In the south there are some the world's most spectacular beaches with white sands, palm trees and azure waters. There are plenty of opportunities to dive, snorkel or party on the beach until the sun goes down. In the north of Thailand the little hippy town of Pai is well worth visiting, it is set in the beautiful Himalayan foothills where opportunities to visit hill-tribe villages are and go elephant trekking. There is so much to see and do in Thailand, one trip is never enough!


Java is the second biggest island in Indonesia and it is rich with an incredible culture, art, music stunning volcanos and beautiful beaches. Yogyakarta and Solo are two cities that are great places to stay as they represent the cultural heart of the island. Both cities are rich in Javanese culture and you can enjoy Gamalan music, Ramayana dance performances, Wayang shadow puppet theatre and Javanese Batik art. Solo is more traditional than Yogyakarta (or Jodga as local like to call it), whereas Jodja has one of the best art schools in the world. Jodga also has live music everywhere and young students just love to busk in small groups or play at one of the reggae bars in the city. Also in Java you can enjoy the spectacular Mount Brumo mountain, which is an active volcano set in breath-taking scenery. There are also ancient temples on Java, such as the Borobudur Buddhist temple and Ratu Boko.


For its relatively small size, Morocco’s landscape is extremely diverse. At one extreme you can enjoy the stunning High Atlas Mountains, and at the other the huge sand dunes in the Sahara Dessert. The country also has fascinating Islamic and Berber cultures and the markets in the cities of Marrakesh and Fez are like stepping back to mediaeval times. There are also beautiful beaches where you can surf or go diving. Trekking in the High Atlas mountains is a once in a lifetime experience and the peaks sour to over 4000 meters above sea level. There is plenty of accommodation along the trails and you can experience the Berber way of life that has remained unchanged for centuries. It is also possible to take a jeep out into the Sahara Dessert to a small village called Merzouga and experience massive sand dunes, go camel trekking, stay in Berber camps and much more!

Samuel Edwards is an experienced travel blogger who likes to travel the world and share his experiences through articles, he writes articles for a number of websites such as Altavista Properties. He would one day like his own travel website but at the moment is sticking to freelance.

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The Rights And Obligations Of Divorced Parents In Ukraine

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The divorce proceedings of couples, who have minor children, are considered most difficult as well as time and money consuming. That is especially true, when one of the parents apply for alimonies or depravation of parental rights. Learn how to protect your parental rights in Ukraine, and what are the obligations of supporting parents, before you take your case to the court.

Understand legal proccedings in Ukraine

Spouses, who apply for a depravation of parental rights hope to obtain a full custody of the child, while the other party is denied any direct influence on the present condition and future of the child. To follow this path the parent has to apply for a positive opinion of a guardianship authority. He or she has to also provide good arguments for the claim, proving that full custody lies in the child’s best interest, while the other divorced parent is not able to provide for the child and satisfy his or her basic needs. These types of trials are usually conducted with the assistance of a highly qualified attorney, who is able to establish a winning strategy. Parents with little knowledge about the law and little understanding of the legal proceedings in Ukrainian courts have very little chances of obtaining full custody of the child or protecting their rights to the children. The help of a professional lawyer is in such cases absolutely mandatory.

Applying to alimony

Applying for alimony is the most popular option, most often chosen by mothers, who require support for a minor child. Contrary to common beliefs, to win a trial for alimony you do not have to spend long months attending hearings over and over again. With a help of a professional lawyer the case can be settled quickly and in your favor. What are the most common benefits obtained by mothers, who apply for alimony? Most often courts grant alimonies, which cover all basic needs of the children, however it is not uncommon to apply for and receive additional support, which covers all education activities (sport clubs, extra classes etc.) and provides maintenance for children under 23 years old, as long as they are continuing their education. Applying for alimony from your former spouse is the best way to ensure that your child receives the best education and all of his or her needs are met.

Find a divorce lawyer...

Remember that to protect your parental rights in Ukraine and to make sure that your interests are best represented in court, you will need a professional assistance of a competent lawyer, who will come up with the best legal position in your situation and defend your rights before the court. Professional legal assistance does not have to be expensive, but in order to be successful you need to find a lawyer specializing in divorces and parental rights. Always check the qualifications of your lawyer and previously attended cases. Follow recommendations of other parents and divorcees to find a competent help. Go online and ask about a good divorce attorney in your area, you can find many feedback in internet.

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Written by Marta Gromadzka, a blogger, a copywriter, a marketing specialist.

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Top Tips For Keeping A Wedding On Budget

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Weddings are very expensive things and money can just run away when planning something that seemed at first to be quite simple. The answer when making a budget plan is to accept from the outset that you will end up exceeding any budget, so always set a ceiling at least 25% lower than your actual top level – this way when the inevitable happens, you will still be able to afford it. Starting married life with huge debts is no way to begin.

Don’t listen to anyone else – they will ruin your budgeting

When you tell your friends and relations you are getting married, they will all have a lot to tell you about fabulous weddings they attended with horse-drawn carriages, fifty bridesmaids, pink-dyed pugs carrying the rings on velvet cushions – you name it, someone has wasted money on it. It is easy to feel rather second class if you decide to do without a whole lot of frills and furbelows so if you are not good at resisting peer pressure, don’t tell anyone until everything is done and dusted, signed on the dotted line and possibly even paid for. The next thing is to take no notice when they then rubbish your venue, choice of caterer or florist and all the rest – they’re jealous, that’s the long and the short of it, so stick to your guns and therefore your budget.

Look around at what others are doing

If you see a marquee going up, watch what is going on and if it is a wedding, try and find out more about the hire of the space. It is usually far cheaper to hire a marquee in a lovely spot than shell out for a country house hotel, which often insists on also doing the catering and often even the flowers and cars. Wedding marquees are stunning inside with all kinds of extras to be had such as swags on the poles and floaty ceilings – forget about Girl Guide Camp and plump for a marquee. Not only will you have a magical time, but you won’t bust the budget. A hire of a hotel or country house can look quite reasonable at first but they often come with many hidden extras – some even charge for extra staff and use of certain fairly basic facilities so it is important to read the small print. When hiring a marquee you can add extras as you wish and when you reach your budget – stop. You will still have a fabulous venue and your guests will love the extras you will then be able to afford, such as a great disco and totally memorable food and drink.


This is a really great way of getting a good quality wedding out of little money. Bridesmaid’s dresses alone can be very expensive, so try trawling the second hand shops for some vintage clothes which can be given a makeover – they will look very classy and no one else will have quite the same, which is all too common as a quick look through any local paper will attest!

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Article written by Rebecca Fearn, a copywriter who often writes for James Dabbs Marquee Hire.

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