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Fashion Tips for Picking The Best Eyeglasses That Fits Your Style

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It wasn't too long ago when many people felt embarrassed wearing their eyeglasses. This is because some people don't think about making a fashion statement when they choose their eye wear. They end up getting big, round, and ugly frames that are way too big for their face.

They believe the only way they can avoid looking like an ugly nerd is to avoid glasses completely and start wearing contacts. However, when you know what to look for, you can find the right pair of glasses that will not only help you see better, but also make you look better too. Take a look some tips that will show you how to choose a pair of glasses that will make you look fashionable.

The Frame

These days thick frames are in style. Look for thick rimmed vintage or designer frames that fits the shape of your face well. The alternative to thick frames are wire frames, which are not as noticeable on your face. If you go with thin rimmed glasses go with oval shaped frames if you have a face with older features, and round shaped frames tend to fit people with younger looking features.

You have to try out various pairs when you are trying to find the right size for your face. As long the eyeglasses are proportioned well with your facial features when you put them on you should be fine.

Never get frames that go past your head when you put them on, unless they are a pair of cats eye glasses. Make sure your glasses aren't too wide if you've got a narrow face, and never get plastic frames if the top of the frame blends in with your eyebrow, as this will make it look like you've got a unibrow.

The Color

Colors like gray and brown are popular when it comes to eyeglasses because they complement the shape of almost everybody's face. If you have a light skin tone wearing colors like red will fit you perfectly.

The general rule is that dark colors like black or brown fit people with dark skin tones, while light colors like pink, blue, or even purple fit people with light skin tone very well.

The Shape

The most fashionable shapes for eyeglasses are oval and rounded rectangular shaped glasses. Before you start trying out different types of shapes in frames that are colorful, it's a good idea to stick with standard styles first until you get more comfortable wearing your frames.

With any shape you choose to go with make sure it doesn't overwhelm your face and also make sure it complements your facial features properly. Oval shaped glasses usually go great with angular faces, while rectangular shaped glasses often complement rounder faces well.

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