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Four Ideas For That Original Last Minute Halloween Costume

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Halloween is only a few short days away. Are you ready for it? For Millennials, Halloween can be a time to get together with friends and let loose in a rather turbulent time. The fall season brings with it anxiety and pressure in the workplace as it tends to be the busiest time of the year. There's no question then that Halloween offers an opportunity for them to get together with friends and have some fun. A hallmark for many then will be a Halloween party, which could bring with it its own anxiety. What should you go as? Here are several ideas to get you started:

Think Outside the Box: Puns are a costumer's best friend. The Huffington Post released an article on some of the cleverest costumes in their opinion, and a great majority of them involve thinking outside of the box. For example, you could go as 50 Shades of Grey. You don't go as a character in the book, but rather as the book itself. Wearing several shades of grey, of course, is mandatory. Do you like weather humor? How about pretending to be a person who is in the middle of hurricane? Thinking outside of the box will not only give you a good idea, but it will allow you to be a conversation piece.

Think Pop Culture: This was a big year in regard to movies and television. Why not take advantage of this by dressing up as your favorite character in pop culture? For men out there, a popular costume is sure to be the Heisenberg look from "Breaking Bad." To get you started, just find a Pork Pie hat, grow a goatee, and wear a bald cap. Walter White was a fan of the green oxford shirt, so that's recommended as well. The brooding look is optional. If you're a female, you can't go wrong with Katy Perry's look from her musical video "Roar." It's essentially a "Jane of the Jungle" costume.

Think Sexy: Halloween is the time to let loose and wear something you wouldn't any other time of the year, right? Why not purchase clubwear that will empower you to feel good about yourself? You can also look into witch costumes and angel costumes that are sure to turn heads when you walk in the door.

Think the Status Quo but with a Twist: For many, there's nothing wrong with going with the classic looks. Although you won't be turning heads, you'll have plenty of fun with your friends. And you can surely customize old classics. Put a new spin on the Dracula costume by adding color, or be a Roman soldier who is a pacifist. There are a wide variety of options out there to make a classic costume your own.
Halloween is drawing near. Although time is short, you still have plenty of time to create a costume that embodies your personal taste and will still make you the talk of the party. One of these ideas will surely do that for you. Happy Halloween!
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