Friday, 22 August 2014

Have You Checked Your Eligibility For Divorce Proceeding?

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Looking for separation from your partner and need to file your case in the Texas court; nevertheless, before filing for the case complaint; you ought to go through a rigorous eligibility analysis procedure set by the court.

Since, if you do not fit under their eligibility benchmark, then you cannot file your case there. Thus, it is obligatory to pass this norm before heading towards any other step.
There are three very checkpoints, which you have to pass; Residential proof, marriage proof, base of grounds.

In order to meet first criteria; residential proof, you need to prove that, of either, you and your spouse are permanent resident of Texas City from the duration of at least six months, before you filed your legal dissolution case. However, if you fail this criterion then the court cannot accept your from.

Now, when you fulfill this norm the next thing come to check about is proving your marriage. This is very simple if you have performed all the procedure legally while duration of your marriage. For instance, you would have registered your marriage and would definitely have certificate of the same.

Hence, you can easily bring your marriage certificate to the court to prove the validity of your marriage. However, if you do not have the same and are married under the common law marriage and hold no marriage certificate.

Then, you need to provide the court the testaments of your friends, relatives, who were present during your marriage or you, need to provide the relevant certificate of the case that you have performed your marriage under common law marriage.

By proving the validity of your marriage, you easily testify the second step of the legal Divorce process in Texas and automatically reach to the third and last step of your eligibility test; that is checking of grounds.

In this, you need to prove that you and your spouse have been living separated from a particular duration of time without any cohabitation, this duration can be either six months or one year.

Hence, in this duration you have never appeared in the public as a couple and have different lives.
After, when you prove this as well; that means you have passed the test and legally eligible for filing the case, which you can go ahead.


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